The Anatomy Of Application

We’re going to talk about the anatomy of a secondary application so in this section we’re going to cover the three basic types of questions that you will see in secondary applications so typically the first kind of question about the example I have is from Baylor indicates any special experiences unusual factors or other information you feel would be helpful in evaluating you including but not limited to education employment extracurricular activities prevailing over adversity he may expand upon did not repeat and cash application information and the limit is 10,000 characters for this response so that’s a one example of a long autobiographical essay several short questions you receive please you know any challenges that you’ve overcome the wanting to describe those don’t want you describe your most rewarding experience any special interest that you have in a particular area medicine and where you see yourself in ten years. Learn more on application`s structure and most important parts at Robotdon.

Those are very common short questions that are focused on you often there’s a request of new information so including updates or covering old information from a different angle and often using cover events from childhood and on you’ll want to get to know you as a person that’s the point or the focus of this type of question so what kind of information for those of you listening what would you include about yourself so for those of you participating today what kind of information would you when we responding to this question type and that you could post your responses in the question window okay my passion for music excellent story I need as you suggest to sort of how to overcome a challenge Mitchell suggests experiences that show you can adapt anybody else want to suggest something it was a very good suggestions Alex studying as a math major Heather a law degree so this could be some really interesting stuff Alexander experience with research yeah these are beautiful responses musics wonderful job instrument or if it’s a way of you know stress reduction for you and then the research or that shows your intellectual acuity Stephanie’s dedication and Stephanie suggests my time as a patient yeah.

So demonstrating that you understand medicine from the patient’s perspective perspective can be also extremely important that you’re sensitive to to the way patients are you know are diagnosed and how they’re delivered information and how much support they’re provided these are wonderful wonderful responses and these are all the things that would be absolutely appropriate to cover in these types of essays because they basically just want to get to know you as a three-dimensional human being they want to know that you create balance in your life and that you are gonna bring a new perspective to medicine then perhaps nobody else has thank you yeah so that the next type of or the strategy there would recommend it’s basically creating a timeline so if you’re getting stuck on these this type of question when it’s focused on you what you can do is create a timeline of your life and basically just take to paper and draw out every significant event that perhaps has influenced you becoming a doctor in any shape or form.