Questions For Your Article

There’s a reason that every school will ask you something different than other schools other reason thing you know we want to see that you’re very serious about the institution that you’re going to be attended if you don’t want to come to Rutgers I’m going to assume that you’re going to enter our specific admissions question and then you’re going to take the time to make sure that you do that if you’re not answering my question you’re really entering somebody else’s question that’s something that you know I can tell you know if your essay answers the article’s questions. Get to know about arguments in essay on Edusson.

I want to be able to see that and that’s something that honestly I’m going to you know count against the student because I didn’t feel like they were that serious about coming to my institution you know I understand there’s a lot of choices out there for students we all do over here in the US but you know if you really want to come to my school and it’s something you’re considering I’m going to hope and assume that you’re going to take the time to write an essay stick to mine school the next thing and this kind of goes hand in hand with this when it comes to writing an essay is setting yourself apart the wrong way for example if you apply let’s just call it awesome University.

When I look at your essay you shouldn’t mention how bad you want to go to let’s call an outstanding University we all laugh about that over here I can’t tell you how many times you know some colleagues at other schools we talked about that we see from students you know their essays that they cut and pasted an essay from one school and just put it into another’s and they didn’t even take the time to change the name of the university in the essay when they do that we always tell and again it’s something that you know we really will hold against the student because not only did you not focus on our institution you also you know are insulting us by leaving the name of another school in there another common mistake that we see the student students make is using big words for the sake of using big words.

And what I mean by that is you’re using words that you really don’t know the meaning of this is something that can certainly make you look foolish I want to give an example here and this is a common thing we see especially with international students if you took a sentence here nice simple sentence it is my greatest dream to come and study at your University ok you know that’s something I could read an application and you know I’m completely fine with that but what a student will do is they want to sound smart they want to sound like they know these great words they have this tremendous vocabulary.