Choosing the Perfect School for Your Associate’s Degree

You may be sure that you want to study criminal justice, but you still have to make the important decision of which school to go to. With so many schools out there to choose from, it can be really tough. But don’t worry, there are a few key factors you should examine about each school, and in doing so, it will really help to clear up the decision you have to make. So take some time, sit down, and use these tips to figure out which school will be the perfect fit for you.


You want to know that a school is academically rigorous. You also want to know that a school meets all the standards for financial stability, so that everything runs smoothly while you are there. That’s why there are independent bodies who investigate and accredit schools who meet certain criteria. You want to make sure, before you go, that your institution is properly accredited. It’s the first way of knowing that it’s a good school.


If you already know you’re interested in criminal justice or another particular major, check to see if there’s a variety of classes offered. You can probably even go sit in on one if you’d like to. But you want to know that your school has a variety of offerings to meet your needs.


Take a walk around campus. Visit any school before you agree to attend. You want to make sure that the buildings and other facilities are going to be conducive to your learning. Check out the library and the cafeteria, they’re also a great chance to ask any questions you have to current students. They’ll give you the real information about what’s going on  at the school.

Career Services

Every school has a career services office, but some are more effective than others. You want to be certain that the school you pick will have the staff on hand to help you find a job once you graduate. After all, the job is the reason why you’re going to school to get the degree in the first place.


It’s obvious that teachers are very important to your learning process. But most students don’t think to check them in advance. Particularly in the realm of criminal justice, examine their work experience to see if they’re going to bring valuable knowledge to class with them.


What better way to judge a school than to look at other students and see if they’ve been successful. Compare the employment rate of their graduates to the other schools you’re looking at. Even better, compare graduation rates. You want a school where the students are completing their degrees, not dropping out.


Academic support is another important factor in your decision making. You want to know there’s a strong system in place to support students, including resources as well as tutors and other aides and counselors. That way you can be sure you’ll make it through no matter what happens.