Abstractions and Examples In Essay

When you’re in a sea of abstractions such as the rules of the global market I mean was this all pretty abstract have you ever seen the rules of the global market really written down in any one place an example can really help you think an example can be a little bit like a lifeboat in the sea of abstractions you don’t need to overdo it but if you think the chance that your reader will be zoning out and won’t have you know grasped you know this abstraction that abstraction and the other abstraction class sticking in an example so it’s that you’re talking about the increase in the unaffordability of housing maybe a little quick example of how this particular family was affected wakes people up helps put a face to what you’re saying and can make your writing come alive now this is the super duper choker of a sentence.

And we broke it down into four sentences but there’s still a lot of verbal garbage in there that was verbal garbage because we don’t need it now remember the short-term memory is not a very capacious creature 20 words max mostly so any words that you don’t need they’re clogging up the reader short-term memory and making it harder for you to get the message across so let’s cut them out the ones that I’ve grayed out we don’t need the red ones are ones that I had to put in in order to make it you didn’t have to say the free market walls of the new global economy you can just say the global market and the black ones were there before so when you’re cutting out needless words you’ve got obviously you sometimes have to put in some words and order to make it sense but or to have it make sense but we can cut that monster sentence down to two sentences both of which are well within that the capacity of the short-term memory so short sentences there are life saver indeed short sentences dueces confusion and conquer it the chap on the white horse is a short sentence okay.

To summarize what we’ve been saying um and if you can manage to follow those rules you’re going to rat family R Lee than most of the people whose work you’re reading some general advice practice obviously practice practice practice as with anything read as much good writing as you can we try to set you good writing but we can’t always and look for feedback informal and formal when your tutor or lecturer gives you back your essay comments all over it for heaven’s sake read the comments and pay attention to them I know it can be painful that we’re already like an A+ and this is the most brilliant student essay I’ve ever read I’m going to publish it immediately but this very seldom happens it doesn’t happen with what I write I am a referees report comes back saying no she hasn’t looked at this and she hasn’t looked like that like I can’t understand the sentence etc it’s not the case that only students get feedback we all keep on getting it until we die.